Chocolate history

chocolate historyThe legend about chocolate history

As we know chocolate today in a drinking or eatable form, we owe it to the Mayas and the Aztecs, of Mexico. The Aztecs were the first to use the seeds of cocoa to create “chocolate”. They had an adoration for the coco-tree, for they believed it was a fountain of strength and richness, and power. They used the coco seed at old times as a form of money.The Mayas and the Aztecs used the seeds of cocoa to make a drink that they called “xocoatle”.An Indian legend of the Aztecs says that the seeds came from paradise and that by eating the seeds will get power and wisdom. In ancient writings we read that Aztecs believed that the God Kouetsacoatl in a bean from the star Venus came to earth bringing the coco tree as a gift to mankind. They also learned from Kouetsacoatl how to roast and grind the seeds to create a water soluble paste.They added spices to create a drink called “chocolate” or bitter water, to open up their minds and wisdom and knowledge.Due to great respect for races Maya and Aztecs, had for the coco seeds.They kept them only for the Emperors, the warriors and the people of some standing and had sacred and religious communication as a drink fit for Gods only.Today it grows in Equator Caribbean, Africa, South East Asia as well at some Islands of South Pacific.The Chocolate in health and Medicine

chocolateThe energetic substances of chocolate and what is inside it.

1) Flavanoids: Anti-acid substances that act against getting old.
( White Chocolate does not have them )

2)Coco-Butter: Incredible nutritional for the skin. It is used, as is relieves and hydrates, even the most dry skin areas.

3) Magnesium : Increases the skin cell growth better and increases a better mood.

4) Caffeine: Acts as stimulant while is toning the skin

5) Theo bromine: Stimulates the cardiac muscles and the nerve system. Exist in a large scale in the Black chocolate.

6) Phenol-ethyl : Increases the good mood. It is the same substance that the brain releases when we fall in love!

The combination of the last 3 substances may be connected with the believe that Chocolate is a good aphrodisiac beverage.

7) It is also used as a base for many cosmetics.

How chocolate is used
As a drink: The stimulant aroma that has stimulates through the
smell the increase of endorphins for the brain and causes a feeling of euphoria.
As eatable: Stimulates our body and increases the good mood.
Studies of researchers tells us that by using Chocolate we lower the danger of cardiac symptoms and other illnesses of artery systemThe Chocolate, being a plant, it may be part of hygiene nourishment rich in Flavones as the fruits and the vegetables.

Kinds of Chocolate

a) Black: Contains cocoa, cocoa butter and some sugar.
b) The white chocolate: Contains only cocoa butter
vegetable oil and a lot of sugar and no cocoa
c) The light color Chocolate: Contains cocoa, sugar and milk.

How to use

a) GOLD: Black chocolate is prepared with warm or cold milk, and gives a rich aroma with a delicious taste.

b) SILVER: A light co lour chocolate is prepared with only warm milk. It’s lighter with a rich blond co lour.

c) WHITE: Is prepared with warm or cold milk, (it does not contains the substances of Black Chocolate) but only Cocoa butter and fillers.More information from

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