Espresso Barretti Gold

An espresso blend for every moment of the day. Becoming as more tasteful as the requirements balance increases, Barretti espresso Gold gives the pleasure of the fullness of coffee’s body.

Espresso Barretti Decaffeinated

This coffee was produced for people who desire the rich quality of a special blend. Decaffeinated is a tasteful coffee without the energetic substances of a caffeinated one.ες.

Espresso Barretti Oro

Beans specially selected from tasters, roasted in the best qualified temperature and for the necessary time, in order to cover all the expectations of coffee lovers.The Unique aroma of Eastern spices blend with the aroma of mature fruits.

Espresso Barretti Classico

This special blend has been produced from the best beans of Africa, Central and South America. Apart from being tasteful, it has a fat skin and gives away a very strong aroma.