Barretti espresso coffees

espresso coffeesOur Barretti Espresso coffees  is exclusively produced in Italy for our company and is distributed from our headquarters in Athens, Greece and Naples, Italy according to the final destination. Our company having the “CAFÉ BARRETTI” offers to all the genuine Italian espresso covering all the expectation of the true friends of Espresso. JEROTECH was founded in Greece quite some years ago originally to cover the needs of the Greek market.

Since the unexpected demand of our clients we decided to offer it not only to our neighboring countries but the entire world. Barretti coffee being the most authentic “Italian blended Espresso” promises to travel our clients to the satisfaction of a true Italian taste of Espresso.Except the different blends of our Barretti Espresso coffees we also offer to our clients other products: Three blends (classic, Oro, Gold) of espresso beans. One blend decaffeinated beans. 2 blends of ground coffee. 1 blend decaffeinated ground coffee. 3 flavours of chocolate (Gold, Silver, White) Barrettino coconut Barrettino mocha. Turkish coffee. Filter coffee Perfecto.

 espresso coffees online shop

we make a new e-shop to promote to our customers worldwide .



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