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espress machines for home use

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Barretti espresso maker Αutomatic self-priming Italy pump producing constant pressure (15 Bar) 2 thermostats regulate and control coffee and steam temperature and prevent over heating Automatic cleaning of brewing chamber Vari-steam control and swivel frother facilitate milk frothing Instant hot … Continued

Σιρόπια γεύσεων Barista Stirling

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Μία μεγάλη ποικιλία από σιρόπια της εταιρείας Stirling τα οποία μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε για όλα τα ροφήματα που παρασκευάζεται όπως καφέ, σοκολάτες,smoothies αλλά και για παρασκευή γρανίτας και smoothies φρούτων, με τις παρακάτω πρωτότυπες γεύσεις. ΒΑΝΙΛΙΑ ΚΑΡΑΜΕΛΑ ΦΟΥΝΤΟΥΚΙ ΑΜΥΓΔΑΛΟ ΑΜΑΡΕΤΤΟ … Continued

Μπισκότα ,Ζάχαρη λευκή και μαύρη

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ΜΠΙΣΚΟΤΑ Τα συνοδευτικά τού καφέ σε δύο γεύσεις: κανέλας και βανίλιας , συσκευασμένα ένα προς ένα για να διατηρούν πάντα την γεύση και τη φρεσκάδα τους. ΖΑΧΑΡΗ ΣΕ STICKS Συσκευασμένη ζάχαρη sticks σε λευκή, μαύρη και canderel ΜΠΙΣΚΟΤΑ ΣΥΣΚΕΥΑΣΙΑ 250τμ … Continued

Perfecto Filter Coffee

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Perfected by the French and recognized by specialists as the best of its kind.Before reaching it’s current form it has gone through various distilation machines reaching the current filter machine. Discover authentic flavors and let yourself wonder through the enjoyment … Continued

Barrettino smoothies Mocha

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Barretti company is proud to present another highly increasing product in Greece and abroad.The popularity of this category is rapidly increasing in Greece and internationally. Barrettino mocha with its intensed flavour of mocha can also be prepaired cold or hot. … Continued

Barrettino smoothies coconut

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Barretti company presents a new product in smoothies category.The popularity of this category is been rapidly increasing in Greece as well as internationally. Barrettino coconut is a unique tastefull drink which can be prepaired cold or hot. It contais chocolate … Continued

Espresso Barretti Gold

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An espresso blend for every moment of the day. Becoming as more tasteful as the requirements balance increases, Barretti espresso Gold gives the pleasure of the fullness of coffee’s body.

Espresso Barretti Decaffeinated

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This coffee was produced for people who desire the rich quality of a special blend. Decaffeinated is a tasteful coffee without the energetic substances of a caffeinated one.ες.

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